To become a great leader, you must be willing to fail, and fail often. Great leaders see failures as opportunities to learn and improve.

This speech delivered by Theodore Roosevelt on April 23, 1910 has become famous and well known for this inspirational message encouraging us to try in the face of potential failure, and I believe this sentiment captures the vision and true meaning of In The Arena Consulting.

When your team steps "in the arena," where the real actions happens, I will help you refocus on what is most important, re-establish high standards of performance, and re-invent your key processes to find solutions to ongoing problems.

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Cheryl VanKuren is a former United States Olympian and a 3-time Division 1 NCAA National Champion. 


She has 25+ years of experience leading healthcare organizations to achieve strategic goals by creating peak performing teams. VanKuren has a Master's Degree in Exercise Science and Wellness and a Master's Degree in Business Administration. VanKuren's areas of expertise include in performance improvement, operational excellence, patient and customer experience, and Lean Fundamentals (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt). 


VanKuren is a forward thinking, metric-driven leader who creates well-defined strategies and mobilizes teams to take action. She is passionate about working with leaders who want to be the best in their field.  VanKuren founded In The Arena Consulting to specifically help leaders develop high-performing teams.

In The Original Arena

Cheryl VanKuren goes In The Arena to the Coliseum in Rome, Italy where Gladiators fought every battle with everything they had. Cheryl wants to help you and your team by taking you to where the real action happens and become the best in your industry.

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“Cheryl is a passionate leader and a true team player who embraces and facilitates change through coaching and by her own example. I watched while the culture of our hospital significantly improved due to her initiatives. Cheryl is inspiring, effective, and totally dedicated to the customer experience and getting results through process improvement.”

Judy Mann, Former Resolution Manager, Greater Baltimore Medical Center


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