Virtual One-on-One Leader Coaching​

> For leaders of teams or organizations

> 60-minute session

> Focus areas including:

  • Team Performance

  • Setting Goals 

  • Establish Expectations for Accountability

  • Incorporating The Arena Method into your team's work culture


Virtual Group  Leader Workshop

> For leaders of teams or organizations

​> 90-minute​​ session

> Including:

Team Training Workshop Series on The Arena Method

> For Team Members from the same team

> Workshop series of eight 60-minute sessions

> Including:

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 The Strategy 

The Arena Method

The Team Workshops TEACH teams to identify what they want to accomplish (AIM) and how they will know when a change that is put in place is really an improvement (KEY DRIVERS).  The team members work together to find and trial the best solutions (CHANGES) that will propel them forward closer to their unique goals.  

Flowchart showing a theory of improvement with drivers and goals.

By going In The Arena, we take every team to where the REAL action happens:

RResults driven by real-time data

EEngaging every team member to raise performance

AAccountability and Action Steps to solve problems and define expectations

LLearning from each other, from the data, and from customers

 Proven Principles 

I teach and train business leaders and frontline team members to incorporate proven process improvement principles that ultimately engage every member of the team to learn from each other and solve problems quickly.




Image of team conference meeting.

The team is the most valuable asset of any company. Every member plays an important role and must be given a voice to know what the problems are and how to fix them. As opposed to traditional top-down management that fail to identify root causes of errors, systemic improvements toward a teamwork-focused model will build stronger teams and bring faster solutions. Empowering front-line staff to collectively share ideas, learn from each other, and solve problems is essential to taking your business to the next level.

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Abstract Background

“Cheryl VanKuren is like a breath of fresh air, with her authentic way of being and her positive, get-it-done attitude. If you want to work with someone who lights you up and finds the possibility in all situations, work with Cheryl. She competed at the highest level in sport, in business and in life and has transferred the skills of an elite level athlete into her work. She has empathy, compassion, work rate and most of all, integrity. There is not a better teammate out there if you’re looking for a teammate for life!”

Christy Morgan, Circleplay Coaching, Head Field Hockey Coach at James Madison University, and 1988 Olympian