What Actually Happens
In The Arena?

 We use the Principles of GEMBA & Lean Daily Management to: 

 The Arena Method 

Recreate Key Business Processes using Standard Work

Build methods to collect real-time data (Was today a win or a loss?)

Identify specific reasons for missing targets

Give every member of the team the opportunity to help find potential solutions to common problems

Establish ground rules and expectations for every member to provide accountability

Address and remove barriers to achieving organizational goals

Capture Best Practices in an Organization Playbook with a method of sustainability


Step One:
The Arena Board

Image of the In The Arena Consulting Arena Board that establishes goals and action plans.

The Arena Board can be used by any team to spotlight and improve key business processes. It forces teams to focus on a daily basis to improve the way they deliver products or services. 


The benefit of using The Arena Board is team engagement. Team members work together to re-assess what happens, why, and most importantly, how it's done. Improvement of a process can be messy and uncertain, but The Arena Board keeps teams on track and engaged to figure it out together.


The Arena Board gives teams a platform to share ideas, problem solve and learn together, record real-time feedback, and track outcomes. It engages teams to re-design the processes that are important to the success of the business.

Identifying What to Work On

Here is an example of a team member providing an update on their The Arena Board. He explains their key process and how they measure it in real time. He reports on the team’s goal and their performance. A typical Arena Board reports is 3-5 minutes depending on the action steps needed.

Sharing Goals and Metrics

Watch The Arena Board report out by a top level executive and explain the key processes of the organization. This leader communicates real time data about each process and whether the team met their goal or the reason why they missed their goal.

It is key that both frontline staff and team leaders work together to determine goals and spread communication to all staff members.


Step Two:
The Arena Walk

The Arena Walk gives leaders an opportunity to learn how teams are performing. It also helps leaders understand the issues or barriers that are preventing the team from accomplishing their goal. 


The team communicates the action steps needed for improvement in their key processes. The team is also able to celebrate wins and be recognized for hitting targets and achieving strategic outcomes. 

Team Members Reporting On Experiences

Walk along side a leadership team that is en route on The Arena Walk to visit a department leader where the services are being delivered. The department leader is ready to welcome the leadership team and begins to provide an update on how their team is performing.

Team Leaders Debriefing, Removing Barriers, and Recognizing Successes

Following The Arena Walk, the Leadership Team debriefs together to discuss any new barriers and review old barriers not yet resolved. When barriers are identified, they are assigned for investigation and resolution. This debrief event after The Arena Walk is no longer than 2-5 minutes.


Step Three:
Real-Time Feedback

Graph showing a moment. ofchange leading to positive results.

"Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets."

Knowing When a Change Is an Improvement

Not every change goes in the right direction. It is essential to learn how to read your data and understand what changes are good changes. Real-time feedback is priceless when it comes to identifying what is working and what is not.

If any process is going to improve, you need to be able to measure it.  Selecting what to measure, how to measure it, and when to measure it is just as important as identifying the process itself. I find that when you measure a service or product at the moment of delivery, this is where improvement begins. 


Step Four:
Spreading Success

Turning Positive Changes into Best Practices

Once you find a change that has helped your company, don't let it go! Using an Organizational Playbook to operationalize your change will allow you to replicate the process with other teams and departments throughout your whole company.

Image of a group of people holding a wooden heart together

 Inside The Arena Method 

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“Cheryl VanKuren is like a breath of fresh air, with her authentic way of being and her positive, get-it-done attitude. If you want to work with someone who lights you up and finds the possibility in all situations, work with Cheryl. She competed at the highest level in sport, in business and in life and has transferred the skills of an elite level athlete into her work. She has empathy, compassion, work rate and most of all, integrity. There is not a better teammate out there if you’re looking for a teammate for life!”

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