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In The Arena Consulting, LLC vision is to help business leaders achieve their strategic goals through team engagement and process improvement. Our aim is to create a workforce of caring, problem-solvers to achieve operational excellence. We are goal-oriented and data driven. We challenge leaders to better understand how and where their product or service is delivered or created. When we go "in the arena", we believe every member of the team brings value and has a voice.

Former United States Olympian and 3-time Division 1 NCAA National Champion with 25+ years of experience leading healthcare organizations to achieve strategic goals by creating peak performing teams.  Master's Degree in Exercise Science and Wellness and Master's Degree in Business Administration.  Highly skilled in Performance Improvement, Operational Excellence, Patient/Customer Experience, and Lean Fundamentals (Lean Six Sigma Black Belt).  Forward thinking, metric driven leader who creates well defined strategies and mobilizes teams to take action.   Has a passion for working with leaders that want to be the best of the best in their field.

The Beginning of

In The Arena Consulting  

The inspiration for In The Arena Consulting was to partner with leaders that want to put their team first.  We believe that leaders are able to achieve any of strategic goal when the team members are working together, learning from each other, and finding solutions to problems.
 We have learned over the past 25 years of working across different organizations that being the best in your field, requires commitment from top leadership to engage frontline staff.  We help to bring everyone together, close any communication gaps, and begin working from the same page to improve the  key processes that deliver the service or product to the customer.   This kind of commitment by leaders takes  courage to disrupt the "status quo".  It takes being willing to make mistakes.
To become a great leader, you have to be willing to fail, and fail often.  The great leaders see failures as opportunities to learn and improve.    When your team steps "in the arena", where the real actions happens, we will help the team members to refocus on what is most important, re-establish  high standards of performance, and re-invent themselves to find solutions to ongoing problems.
 The speech delivered by Theodore Roosevelt on April 23, 1910 has become famous and well known for many reasons.  We believe the portion of the speech below captures the vision and true meaning of In The Arena Consulting.  
We hope to see you...In The Arena!


PROCESS IMPROVEMENT...for every leader at any organization


The team is the most valuable asset of any company.  Every member of the team plays an important role and must be given a voice.  Going to where the action happens, or "in the arena", frontline staff know what the problems are and know how to fix them.  Learning from each other and how to work better together is essential to take your business to the next level.


Imagine improvements to your “systems” that emphatically empowers front-line staff to solve problems and collectively share ideas vs. traditional top down management style that is not designed to find the root cause of errors.  


We only work with teams that are 100% committed to their goals and willing to think and act differently to get different results.  Our clients learn to work better together to be the best of the best in their field.  We give you the roadmap and come along side of you with every step.  

Proven Principles

We teach and train business leaders and frontline staff to incorporate proven process improvement principles that ultimately engages every member of the team to learn from each other and solve problems quickly.

Real Time Feedback

"Every system is perfectly designed to get the results it gets."

If any process is going to improve, you need to be able to measure it.  Selecting what to measure, how to measure, and when to measure is just as important as identifying the process to improve.  We have found that when you measure as close as possible to the service or product being delivered, this is where improvement begins. 

  Real Time Feedback is priceless when it comes to learning about what is working well and what is not.


Are You In?

Are you watching from the sidelines hoping your organization will achieve their strategic goals ? Or is your team so "busy" with activities from action plans that are not getting you to the goal line? If you want different results, you have to do something different! We will take you to where the action happens, where the services or products are delivered. Book a Strategy Call to discuss how we can help you achieve your goals and show you how to get reconnected to what matters most...your team!

"“Early on, Cheryl demonstrated key characteristics important in developing a program, which are preparation and passion. She also was an important part of the three NCAA National Championships. That could not have happened without the ability to problem solve and communicate team. Cheryl was a leader who understood it was not about herself but how to make others better. I am proud of Cheryl and how she uses these qualities in her career. I could not think of a better person to consult with to make your business stronger.”"

Beth Anders
Former ODU Head Field Hockey Coach (9 NCAA Div 1 Titles) and 1980 & 1984 Olympian

"“Focused, Results Oriented….that is Cheryl VanKuren. She brings a combination of strong project management and facilitation and balances it with collaborative dialogue and out of the box thinking. Cheryl strives to provide the “WOW” experience for her customers.”"

Bradley Chambers
President, Medstar Union Memorial Hospital / MedStar Good Samaritan Hospital

"“Cheryl VanKuren is like a breath of fresh air, with her authentic way of being and her positive, get it done attitude. If you want to work with someone who lights you up and finds the possibility in all situations, work with Cheryl. She competed at the highest level in sport, in business and in life and has transferred the skills of an elite level athlete into her work. She has empathy, compassion, work rate and most of all, integrity. There is not a better teammate out there, if you’re looking for a teammate for life! "

Christy Morgan
Circleplay coaching, Head Field Hockey Coach at James Madison University and 1988 Olympian

"“Cheryl exemplifies the title of leader. She is organized, meticulous and goal oriented. She is forward thinking and is able to tackle any problem quickly and efficiently. Her ability to problem solve and motivate others is unparalleled. Cheryl is highly motivated, trustworthy and reliable. “"

Claudia Cavey, RN
Baltimore Washington Medical Center

"“Cheryl is a passionate leader and a true team player who embraces and facilitates change through coaching and by her own example. I watched while the culture of our hospital significantly improved due to her initiatives. Cheryl is inspiring, effective, and totally dedicated to the customer experience and getting results through process improvement.”"

Judy Mann
Former Resolution Manager, Greater Baltimore Medical Center

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